Thank You Jesus for a blessed Saturday.

We woke up really late! I prepared breakfast-

Thank You Lord for avocado and coffee!

Also, the new toaster works great-

Oh, technology thank you so much.

Thank you refrigerator! You keep the food fresh-

After a gigantic breakfast, we went to Huntington Beach.

Parking was a bit challenging but I got it done!

Yes, living in La, you learn how to park 😀

Then Laguna Beach!

Too bad that my parents were a bit tired, we

could have had a nicer time but they were tired.

We had a delicious dinner at New Port Beach-

Talk about enjoying SOCAL! Haha- I am thankful.

Lot of driving but thankful for my parents.

We came home and rested. What a great day!

Thank You Jesus for a lovely day!

Let us not forget You Lord or our neighbors.

Let us continue to pray for the salvation of all nations and Israel!