Thank You Jesus for Sabbath!

I am thankful for the 7:30am worship at Grace Ministries!

I loved the message! Christians should be peace makers. We should bring

blessings everywhere we go to show God’s love and grace!

What a powerful message!

One more goal this year, love my enemies and be a peace maker!

Drove to the airport and dropped of my parents-

I will miss them-

Thank you LAX. Although you are not so efficient, I am still thankful 😀

Then bible study at church.

Missed my church. I pray that You bless us more this year Jesus.

Then baby shower! I pray for a super holy family!

Let’s all be like Joshua’s family! Strong in faith!

Then ride all the way to Irvine.

Wow, I drove a lot. I am thankful for my car, my ability to give rides, highways, gas stations, and Google Maps.

Lord, let us be more thankful every day and never forget your blessings!

Then I caught up with Myungshin. I am so thankful that You always bless us.

There are tough times but let us stay in strong in You Jesus!

Thank You Jesus for an awesome Sunday!

We love You so much Jesus!