Thank You Jesus for a blessed Friday.

I woke up got some work done.

Went to USC, enjoyed my old school.

Got more work done. Just thankful for USC.

Also, I did not face much traffic πŸ˜€

Had a nice chat with a friend and then Friday Fellowship!

Really, loved the message about us betraying Jesus.

It really made me think about being Christian.

I should really repent more and love more.

Every day, I am the lord of myself not Jesus.

Yup- Still need to let myself go and surrender to Jesus.

Thank You Jesus for the insight and encouragement.

I pray that we all become closer to Jesus every day!

After worship, I met my old good friend πŸ˜€

Thank You Jesus for the good friendship!

Thank You God for all Your love and blessings πŸ˜€