Thank You God for Sabbath!

Time to worship and spend more with Jesus!

We should always spend more time with Jesus 😀

Well, I really need to try harder. Not only Sundays but everyday with Jesus!

I am thankful that I can give rides. Thank you my Civic- You are the best. Let me take better care of you.

Thank you Google Maps, I am pretty much lost without you. I should really memorize more roads-

Worship was great! Loved the message! The message was about being healed by crying out to the Lord.

Jesus, please help me become holier! We need You more every day Jesus!

Then came home and worked- Worked really hard.

Lot of progress on research- Well, at least the data part-

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day.

Let us always work with You every day!

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and mercy!