Thank You Lord a wonderful Wednesday-

Woke up and did work. Did laundry!

Thank You Jesus for laundry machines! They make life so much better.

I pray that those lack access to laundry machines get them so their lives can be improved.

I especially pray for those in Africa who toil and face danger when they go do laundry

in the streams.

More work, more work…then prayer time. I should really pray more.

When I pray less, it looks like I am ditching my lover, which is Jesus 😦

I should really spend more time with Jesus! We love You so much Jesus!

Met students before class. Then class-

Class went well- Although the students were tired by Your blessing, the class went well.

Jesus, I pray that I serve and love more. God, please give me more love and wisdom!

Finally, a nice chat with Myungshin. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin.

We are so thankful that we can pray together!

Lord, thank You for a blessed day!