Thank You Jesus for a thankful Thursday.

Eh, class was ok. It could have been better but well…we all need to work harder.

Valuation can be a foreign concept at first but still- I should think of better ways to

explain valuation- May be a demonstration.

Besides that nothing much just work. And prayer-

I am thankful for all the sermons on YouTube. Really good sermons, help me more accountable and become holier.

I need to catch up on bible reading- A bit busy but just an excuse.

Less YouTube and sleeping haha. Jesus, please help me become more efficient.

I hoped for my parallel bars to come but it was delayed. I got angry for three seconds

but then I should be thankful. I should be thankful for Amazon.

Good stock and has simplified my life.

Finally, just thankful for my house. Really love the quietness and the peace.

Thank You Lord for another blessed day!