Thank You Jesus for another lazy morning. I should really wake up earlier.

I planned to wake up early and pray- but…I will try next time.

Thankfully the ride to church was awesome! Not much traffic and praising all the way!

I should really praise more!

Sermon was awesome. We should really go out more and show God’s love. Let the gospel

be given to all ends of the world! Amen!

Small group was blessed. Thankful for our good leader 😀

Food was reasonable- Just thankful for church!

Drive back was long but I enjoyed listening to podcasts. Haha 2X!

Then catch up on work. Data cleaning.

At night I talked to Myungshin, always a blessing! Jesus, thank You so much for

helping us read Proverbs together!

Thank You God for a blessed Sabbath! Let us always be joyful and thankful in You Jesus!