Thank You for a blessed Saturday. Woke up late because I was so tired from cleaning!

Wow! I really need to work out more. The parallel bars are here so I did work out.

Well, then I hurt my wrist yesterday so not much. But nice to see that I have more

workout equipment.

Cleaned the house again. My small group came and we had a feast!

We enjoyed the food. Had a great talk and played games. Finally, we ended with blessings.

I am super thankful that I have a loving small group. I am thankful that I have a place

to invite friends. Jesus, I pray that I serve more with my house.

It is a nice place. Nice wooden floors, high ceilings, very quite-

Not much sun light but very cool during the summers haha-

Always be thankful!

After my small group left, I tried to do some work-

Then again too tired! I should really workout 😀

Lot of food leftover so I am good for the coming week!

Got stressed because of data issues but then I prayed.

And it was goooood! I am just so thankful that I have a good good

Father who will always take good care of me.

Lord, please bless us more every day. Let us be more thankful every day.

What a fantastic day! Thank You Jesus! We love You so much!