Thank You Jesus for a thankful Thursday-

Class was good. I taught sort of well! Yay!

Still need to explain more. I think it is very important to have strong fundamentals-

Well, it is my job to help out more. I realize that it is amazing that I suddenly understood

things. I remember in college when I really didn’t understand about discounting. I mean

I could do the problems but then suddenly it clicked. Thank You Jesus 😀

I pray that You bless us all Jesus with more wisdom.

Drive to Santa Ana for Meet the Firm was Ok. I enjoyed the ride. Only a little bit of traffic.

I felt down because students were trying so hard and that there were limited spots.

Jesus, I pray that You bless our students and the firms.

Also, God You have told us to work hard six days and rest on Sabbath. So Jesus please

give jobs to the students so that they work hard and glorify You Lord.

I should also teach better. Jesus, give me more wisdom. Help me teach more effectively.

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day!