Thank You Jesus for a fantastic Friday-

Wow- Friday- This week literally just flew by——–

I mean it went so fast. But I am thankful that I was blessed-

Well, lot of work for sure.

Went to job talk. Then committee meeting. Then prayer time. Then home.

I was so tired. Graded a bit but man- It was slow. But thankful that I can

still work. Thankful for my two screens, makes grading easier.

Thankful for my desk and chair. Also, I thank my wonderful plants for cleaning

air and giving me some mental peace. I should really take better care of them.

I wish that there was more sun light in my room. But it is cool in the summer so 😀

I am thankful to have a good talk with Myungshin. Always, thankful for her love

and commitment. Nice to read the bible together and pray 😀

Then I am thankful for my bed! Yes, my lovely bed!

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day!