Wow…it is already the 20th!

I am thankful that I can teach.

Class went ok- It could have been better. It was good enough.

Valuation is hard to learn and teach-

Jesus, please give us more wisdom.

Then more work. Went to pray and I am back home, preparing for tomorrow.

I really need to work out more. Haha-

Also, read more. I miss reading. I used to read a lot. But now I am a bit behind.

No worries, just need to make time and be more efficient.

I am thankful that I can work and serve.

Very thankful for internet, Excel, Powerpoint, Google, Wikipedia, everything that makes

my living possible!

But most importantly, thank You Jesus for blessing me so much. I am thankful that I can

serve. Lord, I pray that I can be more loving!