Wow March already-

Thought January was yesterday- But time flies———-

Class was good. Could have been better.

So much to teach- Really, need to have better curriculums.


That was nice. Very encouraging-

Then prayer time-

And home.

Coming home is so nice. I like the peace and quietness in my house.

Serenity now. Although my PC is getting louder every day- It’s cool.

I am thankful that I am praying and reading the bible.

Thankful for my hands. So amazing how they just move! Praise the Lord.

I think about how hard it is to teach robot to move like a human-

But humans designed by God are awesome!

Of course, we do stupid things but Jesus loves us and takes care of us.

Jesus, thank You so much for creating us and loving us so much.

Let us always praise You and give You all the glory!