Woke up talked to my girl friend and straight into the shower-

Had to go pick up a friend at UCLA-

Thankfully not much cars around 7:30 am on Sunday-

God bless!


Picked my friend. Came to church, practiced offering song-

And ate bread! Oh, delicious bread- I was trying to fast breakfast-

But oh well- I need to really train my body more. Jesus, please give me more wisdom!

Sermon was good! All about discipline and perseverance. Both qualities that I lack but

need to train! I am so weak!

Jesus, please give me strength.

Came home- Got back to work————-

Yay! Work! I should be more efficient.

Did some research- I was so tired but thankfully I could still understand somethings-

Watched lot of YouTube videos- They are some how more interesting when I am tired haha-

Thank You God for YouTube. Thank you YouTube for good content.

Then bed time-

I had some failings but I repented and prayed.

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day! We thank You and love You so much Jesus!