Thank You Jesus for a blessed Tuesday-

Class was ok. Wish it could have been better but it is what it is.

And I need to work harder and love more.

Met with a student for research. Thankful that I can do research-

Wish I had more time for research.

Teaching takes a lot of time. Jesus please give me more wisdom.

Reading bible and praying is always good. Wish I had done it earlier-

Well, God makes things beautiful at the right time. So praise Jesus!

Came home, exhausted and worked!

Yay! Life of a professor is quite demanding. But then I see more senior professors

doing more work. So I should be thankful and I should work harder.

Jesus please give me more wisdom.

Cutting down on YouTube but still I see bunch of videos-

YouTube you offer such interesting videos-

Another blessed day! Thank You Jesus for all Your love and mercy!