Lot of noise but not much came out of the US and NK talks-

And media is bashing Trump.

This is so interesting because political experts and the market did not really expect much

too come out. Of course, the murderous dictator Kim will not just forsake power in one day.

He knows what has happened to Libya.

I am not sure why the media created so much buzz before and then blasted Trump.

Also, isn’t it time that we know that Trump enjoys the spotlight a lot. So…

What did they expect?

Another thing that the media discounted was the fact that Trump got NK to come out and talk.

He has been successful to press China and NK. We need to give credit, where it is due.

Also, nothing really concrete came out of the talks but at least tension is lower.

So let’s be thankful that the talk was not a disaster.

Finally, let us continue to pray for the peace in the Korean Peninsula! God bless us all!