So Mitch McConnel was confronted by unhappy protesters.

So…this is not cool. If you are unhappy, there are so many more effective and rational

ways to express your anger and frustration.

Here are some more effective ways-

  1. Write/call your representative: Congressman, Senator, Mayor…
  2. Protest: Don’t bother people in private settings, please go protest in front of their offices
  3. Sign petitions
  4. Endorse candidates that support your view
  5. VOTE!

Harassing people is not the way to go.

You just lowered the bar. Now don’t be surprised if Trump supporters start doing the same.

At the end everyone is unhappy and no problem has been solved.

Often people confuse solving a problem and being angry. Being angry usually does not

solve problems. Taking steps to solve problems actually gets us closer to solve problems.

So next time, please don’t harass people. It is not effective or good.

Write to your politicians and representatives. Protest in front of offices and don’t forget

to vote.

Let’s make America great again- Not by harassing but by being civil and effective.

God bless America!