So this guy throws soda and takes MAGA hat away from a teen-

Wow- This is how low some people have become-

You disagree and you use your force. Sounds like Fascist or communist-

Come on!

This is not a civil society but a scum pond.

If you have issues, talk and also use other means-

The sad thing is that no one is standing up for these kinds of uncivil acts….

This is America, the land of the free. People can wear what they want and say what they want.

If you are unhappy about someone’s speech or cloth, talk to them. Hey, may be file a complaint or sue them (don’t sue actually, it is a waste of money and time).

But being aggressive and getting physical is just low and wrong-

Dear democrats and republicans let’s never forget to agree to disagree.

Let’s not call each other names and dehumanize the other side.

Finally, don’t forget to write to your representatives and always vote 😀

Make America Great Again! By being civil and respectful-

God Bless America!