President Trump is trying to reform NATO.

It is true to NATO needs to be reformed because most NATO countries have not paid 2%

And yes, they enjoyed US’ super military power. So it is no surprise that Trump being a

businessman wants a more fair share.

Now something funny or sad that happened at the NATO breakfast was that

Trump was saying that Germany is controlled by Russia and you can see Kelly do a face palm-

Oooohhh- I have so much respect for Kelly. He is a great solider and a great official.

Many would have quit due to Trump’s erratic nature and outbursts.

Yet Kelly stuck through. RESPECT!

He truly serves the nation. He is really doing his best to keep order in the White House.

Also, doing his best to serve the president. A real great official!

I hope I get to meet him one day 😀

Now back to Trump, so is Germany controlled by Russia-

No but Russia can put lot of pressure on Germany through its natural gas supply.

Yup, this is why Germany should not have closed its nuclear plants.

But Germans are smart and they are really wary of Russia.

So no need to worry.

Pray for world peace!

Also, pray for our leaders. Jesus, I pray that You bless our leaders and that You

give them more wisdom and love! Amen!