A man got charged for yelling at a lady who was wearing a Puerto Rico shirt.

Wow- You sir, do not know the constitution.

She could have worn anything she wanted as long as it is not nudity….

This is America….the Land of the Free-

Also, the officer should have done something about the harassment.

But I am not sure if he should lose his job because of it….

And I am not so sure if it is really a hate crime. I mean the guy is obviously

hating but hmmm…using hate crime laws too widely may lead to abuse. For sure,

the guy was harassing-

Anyway, let’s be more loving and tolerant.

Also, we need to really start talking more. Instead of saying that each side is ignorant

and a hater, let’s educate each other and love another.

I think the biggest issue this day is that both sides always say that I am right and that is

the bottom line.

That is an attitude of Kindergartners when wanting to play with toys, so let’s stop being

righteous but instead be loving and compassionate.

Let’s make America great again through love and serving each other, not yelling and

prosecuting each other.

God bless us America!