Trump basically kicked himself by not supporting the intelligence community.

This is what we feared and this is going to hurt.

Wow…dear President Trump, this one was really bad.

This is like selling out your own…

You never criticize your own in an international setting.

The damage has been done.

I pray that God gives more wisdom and bring peace.

But right now, it is a shocker.

If I were a spy for the US, I would start thinking of exit options.

Of course, the real damage is not great yet. But if Trump keeps selling out the spy

agencies,  US’ enemies will have a heyday.

Unfortunately, US enemies are not so nice. They try to destroy democracy

and don’t really care about human rights.

So dear President Trump, I really really ask you that you give support for

the spy agencies. And be aware of Russia, China, and other threatening nations.

It would be great if we could have world peace, in international politics, anything goes

and peace is achieved when we have superior intelligence and use that intelligence well-

Please continue to pray for world peace-

God bless America-