Today was a good day-

Woke up! Yeah- I had a new day! A day that a person who passed away wish he had-

Love my bed. Got up and made coffee! Thank You for coffee Lord-

Went to school and taught- Thank You Jesus for a great class. I am so thankful that I can

teach. Lord, I pray that I can teach better with more love and wisdom.

Did some research- Thankful that I can do research. Data cleaning is often annoying but

necessary and I can do it so really thankful πŸ˜€

Went and prayed- Need to pray more-

Came home and worked more—————-

Yup, that is faculty life. But I am thankful that I can work-

Then talked with my mom- God bless Kakao-

Thank You Jesus for a wonderful day-

Let us always be more thankful πŸ˜€