Lot of news about the migrant caravan-

It is very tragic that so many people are leaving their homes for a better future.

There is a big divide between the right and the left-

Leaving the political view aside, let’s think realistically-

Can the US help out all the immigrants? The answer is probably no because believe it

or not, it costs money to process, verify, and take care of people. This is especially so

when there is a sudden influx of people coming in. The US is already running a deficit

and we don’t really have resources for schools and infrastructure as it is.

So let’s just think about that. Leave the ideology behind. Ask can we be a good host?

Now let’s tackle the problem.

Why are people leaving their countries?

Because of crime and bad economy!

No surprise there. But what is so shocking is that rarely anyone or media outlet

blames that sovereign nation. Honduras and other Central American Nations, you

have to take care of your people!

Also, the people of Honduras and other Central American Nations, you have to demand

accountability from your government!

It is shocking why no one asks these basic questions-

Nations and people have to be accountable!

Some will argue that Latin America cannot rule themselves- I am not kidding, I heard

this argument- Wow, really? Come on- Don’t ridicule nations-

Other argue that they need more help. Ok, may be, but the US and other nations have

given aid and are continuing to give aid…. So aid is not full solution.

At the end, it is all about accountability, we need to help the people and the government be accountable.

So how do we make things better?

Here are some suggestions that can help-

  1. Economic growth! Economic growth has lifted more than one billion people out of poverty! So start investing in Central America- You can also invest in Mexico. Mexico has great firms such Grupo Aeroporto Sureste or Televisa. Not sure buy an Latin America ETF.
  2.  Microloans! You can lend to the poor through microlending platforms such as Kiva. Some argue that microloans are not as effective and charge high interest rates. I agree but it does seem to work better than wasted large aid.
  3. Sponsor family/ Children. There are great organizations that help families. My favorite is Compassion. You can sponsor children and really make a big difference
  4. Travel to Central America. Tourism helps! It helps a lot! Get your go pro and have a great time and don’t forget to leave great reviews- You will help out-
  5. Finally, always, pray for the nations and the people. Remember that Jesus cares about the orphans, widows and the foreigners! The Lord watches over the sojourners; he upholds the widow and the fatherless, but the way of the wicked he brings to ruin (Psalm 146:9).

People complain so much these days. And they fight so much. But that does not help or change things-

Let us stop the hate and really try to solve the issues-

Jesus, I pray that You bless America and that You take care of those in need. I pray that You give us loving hearts and wisdom so we can serve You for Your glory! Amen!