I bought a TV and then I got Netflix- I thought this day would never come-

Anyway, thankful for the TV and Netflix. Thank You Jesus for the ultra-luxury 😀

So I started watching Storage Wars – Northern Treasurers because my wife liked it-

After watching the whole season on lot of fast forwards, I drew some investment lessons-

  1. Never overpay- Just like stocks never pay storages. Price does not guarantee value. Never overpay 😀
  2. More risk, more rewards. Information asymmetry at work- Lot of mystery boxes, more opportunities for potential treasures and also some garbage- No risk, no reward-
  3. Patience is the key. Sometimes, the cast go empty handed- They show discipline and do not throw away money- They wait patiently for the right locker-
  4. Knowledge is power! Older storage buyers had encyclopedic knowledge about many items from furniture to sports equipment. They were able to assess quickly and make good money!
  5. Specialize! All storage buyers have a specialization ranging from Sports/game equipment to antiques- Specialize because it is a super competitive world!
  6. Accept failure. You can’t win always. A loss is a lesson. Don’t dump the system because of some losses-
  7. Play where the competition is low. Good buyers play where there is not much competition and avoid overpaying- Yup, that is why I invest in small cap as well to avoid competition 😀

I really enjoyed the show. It had great investment lessons. And I also learned a lot about

some items-

So am I going to be a storage buyer? Probably not. There is already competition and I have no idea how to sell the stuff anyway-

Would I go and buy a locker once? Eh, may be- I just want to see how it goes and get a feeling-

But for now, I will just be happy digging through SEC filings rather than other people’s stuff-

I am thankful for Netflix and the Storage Wars.

Jesus, thank You for great entertainment and good investment lessons 😀 Let us always be thankful and seek Your wisdom ^^