Today, I returned my first item to Costco-

Usually, I rarely return any thing unless it is damaged or if it is missing something-

But finally, I returned a shoe that did not fit me well- Usually, I would have just donated or given it to a friend but I just wanted to try to return to Costco-

So Costco has a generous policy of even returning dead Christmas tree.

Anyway, so I went to Costco- And wow…

There were some people who were returning so many things….

My goodness…Because of that lot of us had to wait, wait, and wait more.

They returned electronics, big ticket items, food, and all kind of things…

You can see the frustration on the face of Costco employees…

After 20 minutes or so…I returned my shoes, which took one minute…


What have we learned today-

First, Costco needs to identify professional/ uber returners. I could sense that

the people who were returning a lot of stuff do it very often…I mean extremely often…

I won’t be surprised if the employees know their name- There has to be a penalty-

Either ban them from Costco or have a ban on returning stuff-

Because all their returns add to cost of doing business!!!

Second, Costco needs to set up an express return line for those who are returning 1-3 items-

A lot of us, only had 1-5 items that we had to return and we were gone in 1-3 minutes-

Third, Costco should put more advertisements near the return area. Heck, you have a captive audience. You might as well either promote its services/ products or donation drives-

Overall, a new experience. I do not like waiting. But Jesus taught me a lesson about being patient and loving –

Thank You Jesus for everything-

Thank you Costco for being so wonderful!


Can’t wait to buy Costco stock again- but will be patient-