Today, I went to check my car and wow….the cost to repair is HUUUGGEEE-

Thankfully, the kind employee fully informed me about my options-

However, what I realized is that I really don’t know about cars-

I google and watch YouTube and I still don’t know.

Thanks to the internet, I have ideas about price ranges but still no idea what is broken and what needs to be fixed-

Now we have mechanic franchises so you get some more quality and less gouging but still I am not so sure…

There is also Yelp and Google Local- Still not so sure. The good news is that I know that I am less likely to be ripped off-

Thank You Jesus at least I protect the super downside-

Still today made me wonder- Whoa- There is such gap between car mechanics and most average people…

Too bad that I was not so interested in cars…Oh well-

Thankfully, cars are very sturdy these days- Still when I saw all the things that needed to be fixed whoa-

I hope my next car is sturdier-

Still I am thankful for my trusty car, reasonable dealerships, and just being alive and being able to blog-

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day ^^