Summer vacation is over with China and US going at it again-

US stocks falling and China taking a larger hit-

Wow- This is what happens when politicians fight for power and not for the people-

Anyway, investing should go on-

So what to do?

I have taken some money off the table and switched some positions. I am buying more gold miners.

I invest in NAK, MUX, EGO, and SAND. I believe that junior miners will do quite well in the current low interest rate, money pumping, and volatile environment. Given that gold is cheap and that it just has started rising-

I like NAK because they are closer to getting permits. MUX has a good mines and a great CEO. EGO has one of the lowest overall costs. SAND has nice royalty streams-

This is not a bad bet-

As always, do your due diligence and make sure to manage the risk level. I personally plan to have about 10%+ in gold positions because I can handle the volatility (Well so far at least).

If you get anxious and cannot sleep then you have too much exposure so don’t do that.

Your sleep and health are more important.

Also, enjoy your life- Don’t focus on return on investments but enjoy your return on life-

God bless us all-