Lending Club-

One of my favorite investment vehicles- That keeps going down in yield- Started with 12% many years ago and now I am at 8% but no complaints-

I saw my account compound 😀

So what happened with LC?

My experience- Man- So many people defaulted and ran away- Looks like LC needs to keep improving their algorithm-

Also, I thought partnership with regional banks would just roll out and we would have gotten more access to people to lend but that did not seem to happen at a fast pace-

So what to do?

Well, while doing research on REITs- I found about mortgage REITs and started investing in them because they offer 10% + dividend yield. I invest in AGNC, NLY, and NRZ.

Unless the mortgage market blows up, they should be fine. And even if they cut dividend, they would still be in the high single digits plus potential for stock appreciation-

The MREITs that I invest in are below book value and given that interest rates will not change drastically (I think…), it should be fine. There may be more refinancing if the Fed lowers the interest rate more, which will hurt some mortgage REITs but that will not destroy the stock. We may have a dividend cut which is still fine as long it is not so much-

So I started moving my money into MREITs- And so far it has been good.

I bought MREITs in their drops to increase the dividend yield- And it has worked well.

NLY plans to buyback stock so yay- And none of them really cut dividends much so very thankful for the double digit yield.

I also invested in WPG, not a MREIT but has a yield of 25%+ The stock is going down but…If they survive I should be fine- Which I believe they will given that they are trying turn around their malls and have got financing through sale-lease back-

So overall my portfolio has about 25% REITs- I don’t think the US and the world economy will grow much in the foreseeable future so getting dividends while we wait is never a bad idea-

I will keep you updated on my investments-

Happy and prosperous investing-

Thank You Jesus for enabling me to invest- Please bless us so we can use the money to help the poor and further Your Kingdom 😀