My friends know that I love Costco-

I love it so much- That when I found a Costco near the place I wanted to rent- Bam!

I signed the contract- I always wanted to walk to Costco, which I can now- It is a long walking distance but it is possible-

I wish I would go more often to get the pizza but research and teaching took over-

Still I go every week for groceries-

So why I do still love Costco?

Good merchandise- Costco has great buyers- I went into to get fruits and I ended up buying a new shirt and some bulbs and a coat- Ha-

Looks like we got suckered again- Actually, no-

Costco’s merchandise has always been good. I only returned once because the shoes were uncomfortable-

So I am happy that I could make new purchases and increase my utility-

I also love when they discount somethings that I love A LOT! For instance, ice cream! I love when they have discounts on popcorns- So nice-

Another thing that I like about Costco is the staff- Our line moved quite quickly today and most of the times-

God bless Costco-

Thank You Jesus for Costco πŸ˜€

Thank You Lord for a Costco nearby my house and providing me income to go shopping ^^


Sold the stock too early but will come back in again sometime πŸ˜€