More blood is the word-

China and the US intensifying the trade war- Looks like Xi is all in-

Even with growing HK protest, he cannot back down because that would seem weak-

More pain for China- US will be fine-

Eh- Actually, it is not a bad time to buy some stocks that went down-

Unless the US implodes mortgage REITs will be fine-

So I look forward to adding a bit more there.

Need to get the yield-

Buy more TPL and SLP- My two biggest positions-

Hey, they are on a discount-

The trick is to always have some money to invest when things go down-

Again, I won’t bet the farm because I have no idea when the trade war will end but I think soon-

Until then I will just buy opportunistically and lower my cost basis.

As always, never panic, do your due diligence, and manage your risk!

Never invest too much money- Or you will lose your health and sanity-

Happy and prosperous investing-

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day-

Let us always be thankful and help those in need-

Let us not be greedy but always thankful for Your blessing 😀