Today, I went to Costco-

After a week of not going shopping, we ran out of milk, bananas, and yogurt- Time to go to Costco-

So great to live close to a Costco- It has always been one of my goals and I have achieved. The only downside is that the Costco that I go to is super packed- The manager must be happy πŸ˜€

So why do I love Costco more?

Well, they have great buyers! My goodness! This is a real moat- I don’t know how they train them but they are able to get good quality things that I need.

So today I got myself a windbreaker finally- My goodness- That took me a year-

Also, they have great sales- I love the fantastic sales- I get lot of yogurt and ice cream when they are on sale- Worth it!

Then Spam was on sale! Yup- good old spam-

I love when canned food go on sale- Great deals- They last for a long time πŸ˜€

Can’t thank enough Costco- Too bad that I sold the stock too early-

Lesson learned-

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day and Costco πŸ˜€