I have started shopping at Sprout since this year and it has been awesome!

It is Whole Foods but you can afford it. Whole Food price has gone down with Overlord Amazon’s purchase but still it is expensive-

Just for comparison- I buy three days worth of groceries at Sprout costs me about $17 dollars. I buy some snacks and soda at Whole Foods costs me almost 30 dollars-

Whole Check!

So what makes Sprout special?

They really have great sales! I love the snacks sales- I love the canned food sales- I love the fruit sales-

They get so cheap that it beats Costco and sometimes competes with dollar stores-

So look out those weekly sales- They are GREAT!

I also like the fact that they have spice and nuts/ dried fruits sections where I can pay for weight. It is not cheap but if I went to Whole Foods, I would probably leave one of my limbs there.

But what I like the most about the Sprout is the atmosphere. It is clean and fresh. I think they really clean the air. Fills like Vegas- Fresh air- Or at least perceived fresh cool air.

Staff are also very nice-

So with great sales, good atmosphere, and great staff- What did I do?

Besides going there more?

Look at its stock!

The stock has been down and it is somewhat recovering-


Looking at their investor presentation deck, it looks great- Good growth, good trend, good workforce, good ROIC, good management-

They are offering affordable version of Whole Foods, which is AWESOME-

So why am I not investing-

Here is why-

First, I have better investment opportunities- junior gold miners- They are volatile but they will bring more returns- Maximize your returns-

Second, I need to do more due diligence. Yes, their 10-K and investor presentations are quite informative but I need to think more-

Third, I would like to see more aggressive growth and insider confidence. If they believe that the stock is undervalued they would increase their insider ownership-

So when I would buy?

If I see more growth, more insider ownership, and increase in the stock price, that would be a good confirmation, and I would go in-

But for now, I will be a happy Sprout shopper πŸ˜€

Remember to do your due diligence, and remember that good places to shop may not always be your best investment choices-

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day-

Thank You God for Sprout πŸ˜€