The past two days has been great for WPG- It rose 10% consecutively in two days-

Whoa- You don’t expect this kind of movements in WPG- So I sold it-


I bought WPG originally because of the high dividend yield 25%+ This high dividend yield resulted due to the crash in the stock price and WPG insisting on not cutting dividends.

Given that WPG, signaled strength by maintaining the dividend and doing some lease backs and renovating the shopping malls, I thought my dividend is safe at least for 2019-

But then I had a 20% increase in two days- So that is more than I expected from the dividends- I already got one dividend payment- So 20% increase is more than I what I expected-

So I sold-

Lesson here? There are pleasant surprises 😀

I woke up to 50% drops with But sometimes, you get nice surprises when the stock rallies short term-

I sold out of WPG not because I don’t believe in management- I think they are under control and committed-

I achieved my investment thesis, so I got out- Instead of waiting for the dividend, I got the rise in price so I got out-

Also, I found some other investments that I found more appealing-

In particular, I like Self Storage (SELF)- Hopefully, I will write a post on it later-

Now another question that lingers-

Would I buy WPG again- Sure- Why not- It has still a nice dividend yield and if Lou keeps renovating the shopping malls and exceeds expectations, I would love to be back-

But for now, I slowly taking some money to cash because- there is some growing uncertainty-

I pray that the tariff war is resolved soon- But Chinese will drag it out until 2020 to get more concessions-

Thank You Jesus for investing- Thank You Lord for blessing us so much 😀


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