Aww– research-

My bread and butter-

My friends ask what do I do all day when I don’t teach?


The funny thing or hard thing about research is that even the best plans and theory often fail-

That is why it is called RE!search-

Anyway, very thankful that I can do research and love research πŸ˜€

So what is up with my research-

Trying to wrap up some REIT research but taking a bit longer than I expected-

It always takes longer- It is not the rule of 2 but rule of 20- So every thing takes 20 times

longer than you expect-

The good news is that it is interesting and that I am learning but reading 10-Ks and collecting data are fun but not after four hours- haha-

Thankfully, I enjoy l listening to podcasts- Still a tiring day-

Yup, that is Saturday. But very thankful that I can do research and learn new something everyday πŸ˜€

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day πŸ˜€

Please give us more wisdom so we can learn more about Your Glory-