Whoa a volatile week with Trump’s impeachment drama-

Highly unlikely that he will get impeached but people still get very emotional-

2/3 Senate will be almost impossible- Also, with the elections coming up- yeah…impeachment is kind of not…ugh…not useful-

It is likely to hurt Democrats and the economy more than anything-

Once they fail to impeach Trump, they will lose momentum- Just look at Clinton-

In the mean time, the markets will be more volatile with each news-

Fun times-

So what am I up to?

I just realized that the US has not built many houses since 2008! Whoa! (see Zillow article)


And that explains why residential REITs have been on a tear! Seeing the NAREIT data, most residential REITs have gone up more than 20% this year! This does not happen often with REITs but whoa-

Given the low supply and low interest rates, it is likely that more money will go into residential REITs- 

So what to do? An easy option would be to buy a residential REIT ETF-

Or you can do some due diligence and select your portfolio- Personally, I am looking into Blue Rock Residential Growth (BRG)- It has not gone up as much as other residential REITs but never doubt the market- Market is smarter than you- So I will do some due diligence-

In sum, please do consider having some residential REITs in your portfolio, they might offer some nice returns for the foreseeable future-

Always do your due diligence and manage your risk-

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day- Let us always be thankful and give all the glory to You Lord 😀

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