I remember when I bought lot of stuff from Dicks- This was more than ten years ago- Amazon existed- But for sporting stuff, Dick’s was the place-

After many many years, I dropped by Dick’s- It has been many years since I dropped by because I got a lot of stuff from Amazon or sometimes even Costco and Wal-Mart (they have good deals often).

The store is clean and it is such a nice place to shop-

Loved looking at the merchandise but everything item that I saw, it was on Amazon- And they were at a comparable price…So we didn’t buy anything-

Ouch- No wonder Dick’s is struggling-

There were some stuff that were on sale but they were bulky and my Amazon Prime would just deliver it to me and given that we parked far- nope-

When I walked out- I was happy that I didn’t buy anything that I would not use (e.g. some sports equipment) but then it just hit me how big and crazy Amazon is-

And it is scary if Amazon just beats out the competition. Thankfully, Costco and Walmart are fighting hard and well on the online portion- But not sure if other firms are doing as well-

Just a quick check on Dick’s shows that its stock price after its fall in 2017 has not recovered and the sales growth is pretty much gone-

I am not even sure how Dick’s will survive- The only things that seem to be doing well are seeing like Kayaks, guns, and other stuff that are not yet popular in Amazon.

I was thinking may be Dick’s should have fitness classes? And sell merchandise on the side? Just a thought-

Or they better specialize things that are hard to deliver by Amazon because at this rate, Amazon is still crushing Dick’s and other sporting retailers-

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day- Let us always be thankful and give all the glory to You Lord 😀

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