It has been a while since I have blogged- Life has been quite blessed and busy.

Finally, end of the semester, now it is time to grade-

Life is quite hectic as a professor and I did not have much time to learn as much as I wanted-

Although I did watch lot of relevant YouTube videos and listened to podcasts and read some books but it did not feel enough.

I do miss those days when I would just sit in the library and read and research all day long-

Well, that would be hard but- I can still maximize my learning-

So I decided to write something that I learned every day and share-

So I started watching Great Courses Plus again- Have to make sure that I utilize the subscription-

I stumbled on the course called Skeptic’s Guide to Health, Medicine, and Media.

Being a researcher, I am aware of the dark side of research-

Still I wanted to watch the video because I may be missing some and I would like to learn from the professor’s teaching style-

So why this course? Well, my wife has recently told me this is bad and you can’t drink this after reading some stuff online- So a good reason to watch this course-

What did I learn?

First, I learned that lot of lecture often have too many or too long lead-ins- I want the information and the reasoning yet the speed is a bit too slow-

Second, I learned that hormone therapies do not work so well and more research is needed-

So no hormone therapy for me at least until it is more effective-

I am going to bed smarter than I woke up Yay!

Thank You Jesus for all the wonderful courses in Great Courses.

Thank You God for helping me learn ;D