It’s been a while since I wrote an investment update-

I have been busy…need to be more disciplined.

So what is new? US markets still hot and roaring-

I took some money off but came back right in-

So I have invested in Hecla Mining (HL) and may some nice profit swing trading-

I am still new to trading but it is much easier to swing trade with a stock that is on an uptrend and I plan to own for the long term.

So HL has been a good winner.

I made some money with PG&E (PCG) as the bankruptcy and governor Newsom drama unfolded but it was way too volatile. Right now at $10, I could see it going to $15 but I will wait…the governor might come swinging again-

So I will be on hold.

I have also been accumulating on Tanger Outlet (SKG). It went to down about 10% since I bought it but I believe that strong occupancy rate and the fact that people still shop a lot offline is a nice moat. Plus, it has 9% dividend, so I can hold on. I will probably sell some calls later to get more income-

Prediction is hard and you must be humble. So what do I think it is going to happen?

Nothing much. The US stocks may slow down a bit in the first quarter because it has been roaring- 2020 should not be a bad year I think- No real bad news, US banks are fine, and individuals are fine for now. Also, trade war cannot get worse. I mean it may not get better but not worse. Hence, I think things will be ok.

As always, do your own due diligence 😀

God bless us all ^^

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and blessing 😀

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