I made a big decision and subscribed to masterclass.com 😀

I enjoyed a lot last year- But then I got too busy-

2020 is coming so time to learn again- I am very thankful new courses have been added.

So today I learned about negotiations from Chris Voss. I read his book Never Split the Difference– I learned some negotiation tactics but would be nice to see his lecture-

What have I learned in the short four lessons-

  1. Negotiation is not win-lose situation, it can be win-win, work together to beat the situation, a.k.a situation.
  2. Empathy- Don’t agree with the counterpart necessarily but know where he is coming from-
  3. Mirroring- repeat the three last words and be genuinely interested
  4. Labeling- Be able to facilitate what the counterpart is perceiving or feeling-

Whoa! Just from four lessons, I already sharpened my negotiation skills-

Thank You Jesus 😀

I guess I will use these skills more at work and with my friends hee hee

Thank You God for Master Class