Year 2019 was a very good year for me. I got married – Yay!

With marriage, I cleaned the house and became a better person.

The house is a home now. Before it was closet or storage place. Thank You Jesus for a wonderful wife!

Research was good too. Lot of new ideas- Didn’t get to fully work them out yet but I learned a lot. Thank You Jesus for the wonderful insights!

Teaching was challenging but I grew so much. I realized that I need to learn to make things even more simpler. And I think I want to make some videos with animations. Hopefully, I will have the time and the resources. Lord, please provide Your children with abilities and resources.

So many things to be thankful for-

However, there are many regrets as well.

I did not pray enough for sure. Need to pray for more for our neighbors, nations, and Israel.

I also did not love enough. Many times, I knew that the Holy Spirit told me to serve but I did not ….Also, I got angry when I should have forgiven 😦 But I am still thankful that Jesus stopped me from doing more bad things. Thank You Jesus!

I also wasted a lot of time. People always ask how I multitask…well, thanks to Jesus. But I still squandered ton of time. I watch many YouTube videos that didn’t do much. I also slept a lot. Sometimes, I just said I was tired and slept. I also procrastinated which later took more time 😦 But still God pushed me so I got better at the end of the year.

Today was a good day- I realized that there were only two days left-

So I decided to spend my time wisely-

I did some research- Read some papers- Listened to audiobooks- Some stock research- Cleaned the house- and went to pray 😀

Ah- what an awesome day-

Now the trick is to have a blessed and efficient day every day- Looking towards 2020-

Father, thank You so much for a blessed day- We look forward to more blessings in 2020.