Finally, the markets are done for the year-

A 20% increase whoa! A wild yet profitable ride-

Unfortunately, I am a stock picker, so it was not as good for me but I learned-

Most importantly, I am humbled again. It’s hard to beat the markets.

But I like studying companies and investing. And I have gotten over time so it’s worth it for me. Plus, I invest some money on a market ETF 😀

So what do we expect in 2020? I think it will be fine. May be some selling in Q1 but unless some catastrophic event happens the US will be fine.

I am more bullish on junior miners. I am predicting a rally in junior miners as investors realize that junior miners are undervalued and that large miners need to acquire to grow reserve. Bullish on Hecla Mining (HL) and McEwen (MUX).

Still bullish on residential real estate, I have not bought Independent Realty Trust (IRT) yet but may soon do so. Long Blue Growth Residential (BRG).

Some contrarian play on Tanger Outlet (SKT). Still holding on to NRZ for the 12% yield.

I will look into buying some stocks in Turkey and Argentina because those places have been decimated in 2019. I like Turkcell (TKC), Verizon of Turkey. Nice 6% dividend and huge growth potential with 40% population under 25- I see a lot of growth ahead. But until Erdogan calms down. I will wait.

I also like Telecom Argentina (TEO), Verizon of Argentina. Nice dividend yield and not so old population. But with a leftist government, I am staying well away,

Very thankful for another blessed year.

Thank You Jesus for a blessed year. Let us always praise You and use our treasures to further Your Kingdom 😀

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