I tend to not like shopping because you can use that money to save and invest-

But I like good consumption. I like to buy things that I can use for many many years and if it is a bargain-

My Ikea table has lasted me 7 years and more and so has my Costco chair! Great purchases-

Some bargains? Bought a monitor during Black Friday about 30% off- and it has helped me relieving my eye strain- Bought some clothes for my niece during Black Friday 40%-

So it is 2020- And I know that many items will be returned and retailers will try to clear out everything so the place to shop? Marshalls-

I bought lot of coconut water because they are about 20% cheaper than other places- Costco is cheaper but they don’t have as much variety. Got some Dr. Bronner soap, nice 20% discount or more. Love those that have packaging destroyed, another $1-2 dollar off. Just make sure everything is there because theft is serious at Marshalls. I have seen opened snacks, missing underwear, my goodness…please don’t steal…

Then I got some baby books. So nice about 40% off- I am so happy to get good deals.

Finally, I bought some pickled goods. Ahh- so nice that they are discounted.

The best of all, I have a TJX card, which gives me 5%- So works out nicely.

Wish sales tax was lower but I guess we will have to vote better-

In terms of the TJX stock, it’s fairly priced. Lower P/E would be helpful- But the firm’s sales and earnings growing and they are buying back share so not bad- It is a fairly priced stock with a wonderful business as Buffett would say. I would likely to buy it if there is a slight pull back- If not I will just buy and enjoy.

Amazon is a threat but TJX offers a treasure hunt experience and they buy things quiet cheaply and people are already hooked to the brand, so a nice moat-

Yes, I would go long TJX but I would want a slight pull back because I like good deals 😀

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day. Thank You Lord for a wonderful business and shopping. Let us not be greedy but share Your love and mercy 😀

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