I love Marshalls- I have the TJZ card and I like to go and see what are some interesting stuff that got sold- Any damaged packaging is another discount-

But here is the thing that drives me insane- Well, two things.

First, the theft here is crazy. I mean Wal-Mart theft level (Although Wal-Mart beefed up the security with more cameras and LCD screens showing that everyone is being taped-).

I have found so many torn packages. Underwear is stolen everywhere- They would rip the packaging and take one of the boxers- I would see bras missing…The theft becomes crazier when some people open chocolate/snacks/coffee and take some of the content-

That is low-

However, what further amazes me is that Marshall does not care as much. If they do, they would have more cameras, more security cameras, and more staff. I believe that they get the stuff so cheap that they do not care about small items. Theft is cheaper rather than hiring more staff or installing cameras.

So thieves know and exploit this…so shameful- At the end, us, customers pay for the theft sigh-

One simple way to deter this kind of theft is to have dummy cameras- so at least the thieves think that there is surveillance-

Another cheap method is just to have more mirrors. They can install cheap mirrors. They are already in store. Might as well install them around the store to make people more self-aware, and less likely to steal.

Another issue is lack of training-

I think besides the manager and the assistant manager, most staff do not know where things are. I get it- It should be a treasure hunt and as I search, I see more items and I buy more. But sometimes, they don’t know where the basic items are. Sometimes they don’t even know the existence of certain items- That leads to customer frustration. Also, they should be able to recommend certain products. But they really don’t know much…so I have to Google to see how good the product is.

Still I love Marshalls 😀

Hope they keep improving-

Waiting to go long TJX soon-

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day 😀

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