Oh- How I love Costco-

I always wanted to live near a Costco- And I finally did so after my last move!

Plus, it had an In-N-Out nearby- That is quite close to heaven 😀

So I went to Costco to buy three items and came out with about ten- My bill should have been may be $20 not $80…but no regrets-

I found great deal on a surge protector and a electronic clock that my wife kept asking me to buy- So I went and got them! My wife is happy.

So laying in bed and looking at my great electronic clock- Ahh- nice purchase.

I wondered how does Costco have such great products.

The answer is that they have great buyers- Everyone knows that Costco buyers are experienced and awesome!

But then it hit me- Besides good buyers, they have great data! Why?

Because Costco is membership based so it gets to see all the things that you purchase. Amazon is great! But it only knows what you purchase online not what you purchase off-line. Especially, for produces and anything perishable, Costco knows what its customer buys but not Amazon. Also, Costco offers travelling/ tire services etc- which provides even more information about its customers. Finally, Costco has been around for sometime so they have ton of good data to see what their customers buy!

So that is the secret sauce! Long and rich customer data!

What a eureka moment! I am thankful for Jesus for giving me wisdom. I am also thankful for my PhD training that basically beat my brain and caused permanent damage but it works 😀

Costco- Oh- my dear Costco- Your secret is great service/volume/ and good data!

Thank You Jesus for Costco 😀

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