I have been using Quora for a long time- I am avid Q&A guy-

Because so many people helped me by answering questions and I want to contribute as well 😀

Something that I really appreciate a lot is finding people who work or live in specific questions and ask their experiences. That is just so valuable.

For instance, I asked a question how Whole Foods store managers’ task may differ compared to other stores. The answer gives me insights-

I also asked about fracking. Some fracking experts out there.

All of these insights are interesting and also help me make better investment decisions- Yes!

So I am very thankful for Quora. Thank You Jesus for Quora.

While I was looking for people to ask specific questions, I was wondering why LinkedIn do something similar? It seems useful-

So LinkedIn if you are listening- please do think about it-

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day 😀