Hope everyone is enjoying a blessed 2020 😀

I am very thankful for our boy and my family-

And stocks- I have been thinking about investing too much these days-

Some times even interrupting prayer…not good. Repenting.

Now back to my recommendations-

It is a good time to load up on AGNC (AGNC) and Annaly (NLY). They have a dividend yield of 10%+ and both have $1bn+ buyback programs (10% of their marketcap). So they can potentially offer 10%+ return-

This is awesome way to make good returns without taking much risk.

Unless interest rates fluctuate much- the mortgagee REITs will be fine.

I already have a big position in NRZ but I am adding two MREITs for diversification-

Hopefully, I can sell some option as well and make some extra income.

Investing is never easy but I am very thankful that I am learning every day. Well, being humbled by the market haha-

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day-

Let us focus our treasures and talents on Your Kingdom 😀

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