Recently, I started writing Costco reviews-

Well, because I love Costco-

Also, because I benefitted so much from Costco 😀

These days Amazon reviews have been plagued by fake reviews- Things are quite bad- It is so hard to trust. Amazon is getting a grip but still out of control.

Yet Costco’s reviews are quite good. Because well, Costco members and prime members differ a bit and Costco members tend to be older and I guess a bit more mature. And paid reviews do not seem to be a big issue.

So benefitting so much from Costco, I started writing Costco reviews-

Hope it helps out others- I hope Costco has some incentives for members who write good reviews- May be a free trip somewhere- That would be awesome.

It is great that Costco is doing well and expanding online. The stock tanked when people thought that even bulk buying would go online. Well, not yet. Or may be never. People load up at Costco so it might not work with delivery trucks- They can only make few trips.

Overall, I remain optimistic about Costco. Just waiting for a small correction- If it doesn’t happen, I’ll probably go long anyway-

Thank You Jesus for Costco 😀

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