Another blessed day-

But my stocks fell- If you have read my investment posts, I have been long real estate and oil haha-

Yup, two sectors that crashed and are still burning

AGNC and NRZ are 1/4 of my portfolio so the damage is REAL-

But I bought them because unless economic Armageddon comes these stocks should be fine but…nope-

The day of reckoning came- I still hold on to them because US still lacks housing. Never really recovered after the financial crisis. But it hurts.

I am not doubling down because I lost more when I went in when in dropped more than 50%.

I will probably buy more when there is a resolution with margin calls-

Oil- I already took losses with royalty trusts- I bought EPM and FANG when they dropped like a rock but they dropped further. I am confident that they will recover as soon as the oil price war ends.

So what am I doing besides bleeding in my portfolio.

I still swing trade junior miners MUX and HL. They are down a lot as well- But swing trading for 1-3%, I am recovering the losses. Very slowly-

One new position, I bought EQIX because people will keep streaming for some time. I just wish I bought it last week. I was debating then the price recovered a lot-Still some room to grow-

Overall, I think the volatility will continue for some time- So no major buys- just swing trading-

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day 😀

Let us always be thankful and give You all the glory ^^