Whoa- It has been a while since I blogged-

My son kept me busy and teaching and research and investing-

So what has changed since April?

Well, I started swing trading more- Which I never thought I would do-

But after six months, I can say that I have some understanding of swing trading-

The best part is that it works. Especially, in this abnormal markets-

Sometimes I can even day trade- I buy a stock that dropped 3% and sell it at 1-2% profit-

I never expected to day trade either but it does work…when the market is abnormally volatile-

Do I think this is sustainable? Nope- As soon COVID ends and markets become more stable, I will probably do much day trading and swing trading.

Will I miss day trading/ swing trading- Well, it is a learned skill- But I would not miss that much- I like my buy-and-hold approach- Less stress and less time spent on analyzing patterns.

I like analyzing patterns but I still like fundamental analysis more 😀

So what I do I have?

Here is what I am up to-

I am building up on REITs- Yup, they got battered during COVID crisis-

They appreciated a bit but are still down-

Eventually, COVID19 will end or people will go herd immunity, and start shopping and enjoying again-

Of course, expect more volatility with the uncertainty of the next stimulus bill and elections-

And I know some retailers are gone forever-

But those spaces will be also be eventually filled.

In terms of residential REITs, they are fine unless they have a big exposure in CA or NY, where there is a mini exodus occurring.

So what am I up to?

For residential REITs, I am long Bluerock Residential Growth REIT (BRG) and INDEPENDENCE REALTY TRUST, INC (IRT).

Both REITs have large exposures in growing areas with a nice economy (e.g. Texas), very good rent collection (95%+), and nice dividend (4%+).

And not much debt due-

So low risk and decent upside-

I have my core position, and currently I swing trade both BRG and IRT as it is trading up and down-

I will in the future put more money down once the volatility dies down. For now, swing trading gets me about 1%, which is very good when your bank doesn’t pay you much.

As always do your due diligence and manage your risk-

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day- 

Let us always be thankful and give You all the glory ^^

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