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Artists <3

Ian Berry


**From ianberry.org

My thoughts

He makes art using scraps of denim! The process seems quite tedious but the results are very interesting. It motivates me to look at the world differently, helping me break assumptions and forcing me to see materials differently. Denim is not only for clothing but also for art.

John Sabraw


** from johnsabraw.com/

My thoughts

He makes art using pigments derived from toxic streams! Talk about upcycling! Really admire his creativity to use unconventional material to make art and also help the environment.

Lesley Green glass4

**from bespoke-glass.com

My thoughts

She makes her art using glass. It is quite amazing how she sculptures pieces with not so flexible almost rigid glass pieces. The beauty seems to come from the constraints of the glass. Although it is rigid in shape and texture, it still expresses the intended subject well. We know that know such geometric succulent exists but its constraints show the essence and its beauty.


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