It has been some time since I have organized my room. In the past, I really didn’t have much. Most of my stuff was cozily accommodated in two large carrier bags and two carry-on bags.  I have accumulated a lot of stuff in the recent  years. Most of them from friends giving stuff away and…I learned Amazon shopping . Yes, I contributed so much to Amazon’s revenues that I bought the stock (the performance is great so far). Anyway, after realizing that I lived in a clutter and that I was being distracted by all the things, I had to take action. Somehow I remembered a Japanese book about organizing things.  I can’t remember the exact title but the basic message was organize before things start ruling your life. So I went to Costco and happen to run across a very cheap rack that I can’t even find it online. This rack really changed everything. I reclaimed my lost space occupied by my laundry bag and tossed bag  (now they are on the rack). I also put all the sprawling books on my floor on the rack. Ahhh…so nice! Now I see some white space on the floor and vacuuming has become much easier. Such small change so much wonder. So the moral of the story? Get a rack or any storage to organize, it will do wonders to your room and your health.